Production and installation of electric filters

Production and installation of heat exchangers (economizers)

Production and installation of technological equipment and pipelines

Fabrication and installation of pressure vessels

Production and installation of steel tanks

Production and installation of pipelines / heating pipelines

Fabrication and assembly of steel structures

Overhauls of technological plants

Overhauls of thermal power plants, sugar factories, refineries ...

Manufacture and installation of boiler plants

Inspection of welded joints

Auto cranes 20 - 130 tons

In the production facility:
– Welding by state of the art procedures and equipment; manual, semi-automatic welding; welding of structural, stainless and heat resistant steels and non-ferrous metals.
– Manufacture of steel structures
– Cold forming of metal sheets, manufacture of equipment and equipment parts, steel silos, pressure vessels, storage areas, cyclones, and steel structures for various purposes,
– Manufacture of technological equipment
– Manufacture of tanks and cisterns
– Manufacture of bridge cranes – cranes,
– Automatic sheet cutting with a CNC cutting machine – plasma,
– Automatic profile cutting,
– Automatic shot blasting,
– Rolling,
– Anti Corrosive Protection,
– Manufacture of heat exchangers,
– Testing welds via NDT methods,
– Welders training and attestation.

Assembly, erection and installation – on the field
– Assembly and erection of steel structures,
– Assembly, erection and installation of technological equipment in breweries, wineries, dairies,
(processing stainless steel), sugar mills, edible oil refineries, oil refineries,
– Radiographic and ultrasonic testing of welds in the workshop and on the field, and tightness and non-permeability control with vacuum and liquid media,
– Overhaul of industrial plants,
– Assembly, erection and installation of reservoir tanks and cistern barrels,
– Assembly, erection and installation of various piping (stainless steel and black materials),
– Assembly, erection and installation of bridge cranes – cranes,
– Assembly, erection and installation of heat exchangers,
– Transport and machinery …