“Bosnamontaza” ad Prijedor was established in 1957. It developed as a manufacture and assembly service company in the field of fabrication and assembly of steel structures, process equipment and overhaul of industrial plants.

Bosnamontaža today

Today, “Bosnamontaza” is a joint stock company owned by two individuals by majority of stocks. It employs, continuously, 100 workers both in the production facility and in the field, and during the overhaul works on power plants, cement plants, sugar mills and breweries it employs additional 50 workers, or more if needed. The structure of the workforce is: qualified fitters, pipe fitters, welders, drivers, crane operators, electricians, engineers, economics and administration staff. We have our own mobile cranes (6 pieces), with a capacity of 8 to 80 tons and special vehicles for transportation of oversized structures. Through the cooperative relationships we have the ability to use mobile cranes with capacity of 250 and 500 tons.

Production facility

In our production facility we can produce heavy steel structures, storage tanks, pipelines, silos, chimneys and tanks. Among the important equipment in the plant, we want to emphasize the following: large cutter for profiles, CNC machine for drilling holes in the profiles and metal sheets, CNC cutter plate of 1 to 100 mm in thickness with a plasma torch and two gas burners and a desk 2 x 12 m in size, roll bending machine for metal plates up to 30 mm in thickness and up to 3 m in width, shears, presses, etc. In the facility of  Anti Corrosion Protection (ACP) there is an automatic shotgun installed for blasting profiles and metal sheets, and other related equipment for the application of ACP coatings. We manufacture the structure and equipment, process it by a shotgun machine, paint, assemble and transport it as per customer’s request.

Control and testing welds

We have our own laboratory for testing welds within the plant and in the field (penetrants, ultrasound, x-ray). In the production facility we have a training room where we train welders in all types of welding.

Certificates and licenses

The Company has the necessary licenses, issued by the competent ministries, for the conduct of works in the field of manufacturing and installation of steel structures and technological equipment in all types of industries. Also, we have international certificates in managing the quality ISO 9001: 2008 and equipped facilities for performing welding activities pursuant to EN3834-2, and we are also certified and classified according to the German standard for manufacturers of steel structures DIN 18800-7 Class E (production of static and dynamic steel structures).

We are working on the introduction of the standard for Environmental Management ISO14001 and the standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management OHSAS 18001.